Welcome to the website of Antoinette van Beurden

Abstact shapes

Fashion photos are often the foudations of my designs.The lines that are shown in these pictures fascinate me time and again. I use these lines as a starting point and elaborate on these to turn them into abstract objects. I prefer to work with plates and scarcely use glaze. Naturally the clay has very pretty shades of colour and by mixing various types of clay I create colours that give each shape its own identity.

Alzheimer's disease in ceramics

I have depicted this tragic process in ceramics by choosing the rose as a centrepiece, representing the beauty in every human being. Since people with Alzheimer's disease often have a hard time to reach their inner self, the rose is not visible all the time, but is hidden inside the ceramics. Finally this series tells a story of its own with themes like: desperation, resistance, getting lost and doors literally closing behind you, but it also gives room to happiness experienced while listening to the music and the glee.